09 November 2010

Thanksgiving Memory #1

To celebrate November, a lot of my friends are using Facebook to share one thing they are grateful for each day. I love how November is a month of remembering things we are thankful for, spending time with our families, and eating good food (love that part). I wanted to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving on my blog, and asked some of my friends to write a guest post for me sharing some of the things they appreciate about this season. Be on the lookout! It will be nice to "hear" some other voices for a change.
One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is from a family trip to Hawaii. I don't remember how old I was, probably in the 12-14 range. We took some time off of school and had a fantastic vacation. However, my sister and I were a little grumpy about not having a big Thanksgiving dinner that year. On Thanksgiving morning, my parents joked that they were going to take us to Denny's for our Thanksgiving meal. Cassi and I were horrified.
Now, grown-up Kara laughs at pre-teen Kara for even thinking that my dad might set foot in a Denny's. Really, it's laughable. But my parents can play the straight man comedy-wise when it really matters, and play it they did. As we pulled into the parking lot at Denny's, Cassi and I shared a look of despair. And then my parents steered us into a nice restaurant next-door. Psych!
Now, as I recall, the food wasn't that great. However, our family was together, we were on a gorgeous island having the time of our lives, and my parents pulled a really great prank. It is a Thanksgiving I'll always fondly remember.

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Stacey said...

I will never forget when you and Ryan went back east for Thanksgiving and you were both so horribly sick! You were helping him clean up the bathroom and I remember thinking that you were the greatest girlfriend ever- I dont know if I will ever be able to do that. You guys are awesome- I miss you-- and how beuatiful Utah and Colorado are right now.