08 May 2012

Handy Household Tips

If you make potato leek soup in your Crockitty Pot, then decide to puree it in your blender, make sure the lid is on tight. Otherwise, hot soup will explode out of your blender. Trust me, that stuff burns.

Sometimes, when you are newly married, buying a white couch will seem like a good idea. If you plan to have children, save yourself some time and just start using the couch as a plate now.

Flip the doorknob for your child's room so that the lock is on your side of the door. It's a handy way to keep the kid contained while you get stuff done (like blogging or sleeping).

Socks are really just wearable mops.

If you have a baby that spits up a lot, don't put him/her down for a nap on your side of the bed. Put the baby on the side of the bed that you don't sleep on. Then you don't have to wash your sheets every time the baby spits up.

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