05 May 2012

I'm Going to Make a Hat

My friend Michelle is teaching me how to crochet. There are some things you just can't learn from a book, and for me, this is one of them. Thankfully, Michelle is a very patient teacher. She let me borrow some yarn and a crochet hook so I could practice.

Ta da! That's right, I did that.

We decided that I would make a hat for my first project. I dragged the kids along to JoAnn's to buy my own yarn and crochet hooks. I picked out two skeins (what a fun word!) of blue-ish yarn because they were on sale. Sammy wanted to help carry the "blue blankies". My son can already see the potential that these hunks of yarn have! Either that or he has a tendency to call everything a blankie. Only time will tell.
I found a pattern online, and I can already tell that I'm sunk because apparently to make a hat you have to crochet in a CIRCLE instead of a straight line. Even so, I am determined to learn this skill. Then Michelle and I can open our Etsy store and fulfill our lifelong dreams of making stuff for other people to buy.
Just kidding. Unless you're interested in buying...

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weeziebush said...

Your stitches look really nice and even. Good job! I've made a few things here and there, and it seems like I have to be taught all over again each time--and I never mastered the art of reading a pattern. Oh well. LOL Perseverance is the key...you can do it!