07 May 2012

I Like the Library

When I was a kid, I hated the library. I could never find the books I wanted, and if I found a new book that I liked, I had to give it back. That's quite painful if you are like me and enjoy reading books over and over again. So for years, I purchased just about every single book I ever wanted. 
Then I got married and went to graduate school and suddenly had no money for books. Or free time to read, for that matter. But the summer I graduated, I threw myself back into reading. Only problem? No money!
Side note: Whenever I hear "Mo' money, mo' problems" I think "More like NO money, mo' problems. But I digress.
The Salt Lake City public library system has a branch within walking distance of the married student housing at the University of Utah, where we used to live. Once I was done with school, I packed Sammy into his stroller, and headed down to the Foothill Branch to sign up (sigh) for a library card.
Libraries sure have changed with the advent of the Interwebs (not really a thing when I was a kid). I learned that on the SLCPL website, I could request a book and have it delivered to my branch under my name for me to check out. AND you get to keep books for an entire month! You can even check out DVDs! My entire attitude toward the library changed in an instant. Now, I almost never buy books.
Sammy loves the library, too. It's not within walking distance anymore, but there is a branch in Sugarhouse that we frequent because it's a handy location to get all kinds of errands done. We go there about once a week.
This library is a gorgeous old building

Sammy plays with the bead maze while I check out my books

A giant sugar beet, for which the Sugarhouse neighborhood was named

That's my PSA for today- Support your local library!

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AL said...

I used to go to the public library all the time when i was in college. Unfortunately, due to my penchant for YA Fiction and reading in bed (or maybe we just had a really dirty library) i got pink eye three times in like six months. No more libraries for me.