15 May 2012

Things I Learned at the Zoo

I like taking my kids to the zoo. Benjy sleeps in the stroller, and Sam really enjoys the different animals. I like to read the signs by the animal habitats. I learn a lot of interesting tidbits at the zoo, such as:

The black howler monkey has the loudest call of any creature, capable of being heard by other black howler  monkeys up to 3 miles away.

There are a lot of different stroller models on the market.

Elephants can drink 50 gallons of water a day, and are quite good swimmers.

Ostriches are huge, and taste pretty good. Okay, I didn't learn that at the zoo. My grandpa bought ostrich burgers once at a fancy grocery store. Although, looking back as an adult, that seems like the kind of prank my grandfather would enjoy pulling on his grandkids. So maybe I don't actually know what ostriches taste like. My world has been turned upside down!
I can't even finish this post because I am laughing so hard at pre-teen Kara for actually thinking she ate an ostrich burger. So enjoy these pictures from the zoo.

Pointing at the baby elephant

Riding the carousel

An unusually active tiger, sitting in the "river"

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Nina said...

We love the zoo too! Did you know hippos can't swim?? They just walk across the bottom, crazy eh?