28 July 2010

Baseball... Cold showers

Utah doesn't have a major league baseball team, but it is home to the triple-A affiliate team of the LA Angels. The Salt Lake Bees stadium is not too far away from where we live. We had a lot of fun going to games before Sam was born, but haven't taken him out yet. Our friends the Broadheads have season tickets, and they gave 2 tickets to us so we could take Sam to a game! We chose to watch a game against the triple-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies (woot woot!). Season tickets are right by home plate, so we had a great view. Ryan brought his glove to protect us from foul balls. It rained off and on while we were there, which got our clothes wet but couldn't dampen our spirits. The game started at 7pm, which is when Sam goes to bed. We only made it through 4 innings, but we had a great time!
Eating snacks
Trying to stay dry

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Care Bear said...

GO Sky Sox!! I mean... What??

Sammy is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!