30 July 2010

Taco Neck

When you eat a taco, which way do you tilt your head? I always tilt to the left. I tried tilting my head to the right at dinner tonight while eating tacos, and it just felt weird.
Which way do you tilt your "taco neck"?

In other news...
Today has been a disappointing day for The Reynolds Tribe. First off, I had another bout of insomnia last night and didn't fall asleep until 3am. Sam had a bad night too, and kept waking up, meaning we all got less sleep. Ryan and I were both grouchy from less sleep, and had a fight. We found out that we can't move into the apartment we want to, even though our friends want to switch with us. I didn't get the job at ARUP. Sam has been cranky all day, probably because he didn't sleep well. I have a migraine.
But we've had good things happen too! Dr. Pfitzner said that Sam's head growth is normal and didn't charge us for the appointment. The library had 5 of the books I wanted, and both Knuffle Bunny books for Sam. Ryan and I made up (and he made a cute "I love you" sign colored like a giraffe!) We had tacos for dinner (yum!) I got to give a tour of our apartment to an engaged couple who is moving in to the Village soon, and they were really nice. I ate a bunch of chocolate chips. Sam went to bed without a fuss right at his bedtime. Season 1 of Lie to Me is on Netflix Instant Play.
Overall I think I will put this on the good day list.


Elisa said...

I always turn my head to the right...I bed it would be weird if I tried the left. Interesting!

Louise said...

It's to the right for me too!

Ty and Ber said...

I keep my head straight and tip my taco to the left. Okay not really, I tilt my head to the right.

Wow, what a crazy circus of a day. Hopefully things go a little better for you guys.

Amanda Mae said...

Kara, sorry about the job. I'm sure something else will come up for your guys. I'm glad all the other things turned around and you made the best of the situation.