12 July 2010


There are things in our apartment that are, quite frankly, gross. I was mentally listing them off this morning, and it made me laugh. If you like to be amused and slightly shocked, read on.

1. Sam's high chair: Ryan broke it a few months after we bought it, so it needs replaced. After Sam grows out of it, that thing is gone. As a result, I'm not as anal about cleaning it. There are crumbs in the crevasses, and dried food on the legs from Sam flinging food.
2. Sam's Snugaphant: Snugaphant is Sam's stuffed elephant. He snuggles it hardcore at night, and really likes to take his binkie out so he can chew on the tail. This thing has a rattle in it, so you can't wash it. I do try to wipe the grime off with baby wipes, but Sam-saliva is apparently unconquerable. I would get him a new Snugaphant, but first I have to ask my grandma and grandpa Huelin where they bought it. Hopefully not some obscure East Coast store.
3. Our bathroom: Hasn't been cleaned in a while. Will be rectifying that tonight. Sorry.
4. The plastic bags under our sink: There are probably close to 100. Our next-door neighbor wants to take them from us because they use them at her work, but for some reason I have not yet packed them up for her. I have no idea what the hold-up is. I want them gone.
5. The kitchen trash can: Always has poopy diapers in it. Need I say more?

Home, gross home.
Sam and Snugaphant. Fortunately, the tail is not in Sam's mouth.


Lindsay said...

We have plenty of gross things around our apartment too. Wait until the crusty highchair turns into multiple crusty dining chairs. ;)

And if you really want to be grossed out, ask Cameron about the rat that was living in our stairwell.

Sue said...

I saw your sister at the Saturday's Market. Her dreads are sweet!

Andrew said...

After I read the intro, I prepared myself for something on par with my undergrad apartment which I shared with 3 other guys. It did not even come close.

Andrew said...

I mean, the "grossness" of your apartment did not come close to my apartment.