21 April 2012

Letters to my things

Dear Nasal Spray,
I don't know why I resisted using you for so long, but you are marvelous. You help me breathe at night, and unstuff Benjy's nose, too. Thank you for being so effective.

Dear Crochet Hook,
Why are you only nice to me when we're doing single crochets? I thought you were better than that. I thought you were magic. Why did you have to spoil the illusion when we moved on to the half double crochet? You will regret it when you spend the rest of your life making very boring scarves.

Dear Socks,
I'm glad it's summer already and I don't have to wear you anymore. No offense, but I hate you. Have a nice life in my drawer for the next 5 or 6 months. Try not to get too dusty.

Dear Sammy's clothes,
Really? You just jumped off the shelves of your own free will? I don't believe you. Did Sammy put you up to this lie? I knew it.

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