27 April 2012

Thief in the Night

I ordered a book for Ryan for Father's Day. It was supposed to come in the mail on Wednesday, and as I hadn't received any packages today, I checked the tracking info to see when it would arrive. To my dismay, the package had been delivered on Wednesday, at 11:36am, while I was out doing my visiting teaching.
We had a stroller stolen off our porch last summer, which is what I immediately assumed happened to the package. I was incensed, and then very sad that the cool present I got for Ryan was now gone. Dejected, I trudged into the living to tell Ryan about the gift, which he now would not be receiving, but maybe could still at least appreciate the idea of. He sympathized with me, and I headed back to my computer to see if Amazon provided some kind of restitution for packages not received, though delivered. I also thought maybe I would type up a nasty note to the package thief to tape to my door in case he/she came back. Not my finest moment, admittedly.
A closer look at the tracking information on Amazon showed me that the package had been delivered through USPS... and I had a brainwave. Sometimes, I forget to check my mail, and this book would be small enough to fit in our mailbox... I rushed outside, keys in hand.
Result!! The book was sitting pretty in my mailbox, along with a hospital bill and two days' worth of junk mail. I was so excited, and then immediately depressed that once again, Ryan will know what he's getting for a gift from me (like Christmas 2010). Oh well. At least I have my book!

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